Gwrych Trust Conservatory Tower Project given green light

Gwrych Trust would like to announce that the preliminary work for the Visitor’s Centre announced last year, called the ‘Conservatory Tower Project’, has full funding now in place.

The main part of the Conservatory Tower Project is the reinstatement of the Grade I listed Conservatory Tower. Gwrych Castle is owned by EPM UK and the Trust is seeking a long term lease over part of the site. The Conservatory Tower restoration will see it converted into a site office and equipment store while the main Visitor’s Centre is under construction. It will be used by Gwrych Trust staff and volunteers, ahead of its inclusion as part of the Visitor’s Centre Project.

The main donor organisation, RWE Innogy UK, provided fifty percent of the funds through the Rhyl Flats Wind Farm fund, administered by the Welsh Government.

Katy Woodington, Senior Community Investment Officer for RWE Innogy UK, said, “The Rhyl Flats Wind Farm Fund has been supporting organisations like Gwrych Trust in the area for years, and we always enjoy hearing about the varied projects that result from this fund.

We are hoping to expand the good work that we are able to do in North Wales through the £19m Gwynt y Môr community fund, due to be launched later this year.

RWE Innogy UK takes pride in the delivery of our community funding with our renewable energy projects investing nearly £3million into UK communities over the last three years.”

Mark Baker, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Gwrych Trust, said, “We are hugely excited to be able to start work on the first stage of construction at the Castle. While it is only a small part of the whole site, it represents almost two decades of work campaigning for Gwrych and its preservation for future generations.

We would like to thank EPM UK for giving us permission to undertake the work, to the funders who have contributed their money and believed in this project, the consultants and volunteers who have patiently waited for us to gather the grants together, and our members for their undying support.”

Other works on-site include archaeological work around the Conservatory, which has already commenced following a GeoPhysical Survey completed last year; use of heavy machinery to reposition terrain creating easier access to the Ladys Walk; and, the first stage of architectural drawings by Donald Insalls. Also announced today was the funding for the EcoWaste Project, which was to include an environmentally friendly waste disposal system in the Conservatory Tower for staff and volunteers to use.

The full list of funders is: Bodfach Trust, Dulverton Trust, Community Foundation in Wales, Robert Kiln Trust, Skinner’s Company Lady Neville Charity, and, the Big Lottery Fund who gave the money for the EcoWaste Project. Thanks to all of the staff for their assistance, as well as the help of those administering the Rhyl Flats Wind Farm Fund at the Welsh Government.

Gwrych Trust is still running the Community Engagement Survey to take community feedback on what should be done with the rest of the site



The announcement of the Visitor’s Centre was included in a press release in March 2014 to announce the commencement of restoration work – – and was picked up by the Daily Post at that time –

The link to the Community Engagement Survey is here –

More information on the Gwynt-y-Môr Community Fund can be found through the RWE Innogy UK website –

More information on The Rhyl Flats Wind Farm Fund can be found through the Welsh Government website –

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