Tylwyth Teg Gwrych Faerie Trail

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Saturday 15th – Sunday 23rd February 2020
Normal Admissions prices apply, trail participation costs £1 each

We have been listening to the chatter of the visiting fairies at Gwrych Castle and have heard some exciting news. The fairy queen will be in residence at her court on the weekend 15th-16th February and then back again on the 23rd. She will interact with members of the human world and will also consider decorating them with her art, that is if you cross her palm with silver (face painting £3). Come see the fairy queen between 10am and 2pm and browse what crafts the little fairies have made as well.

Keep your eyes wide open as you explore the fantastical Gwrych Castle, through the grounds, buildings and gardens.
Can you find all the hidden Faeries and naughty Trolls?

Recently there have been reports of fairies at Gwrych Castle. The staff, volunteers and members of the public have been reporting these sightings on the increase. The Trust wondered what was drawing them out of their usual haunts in the woods…then we glimpsed our first troll…

Large and ugly these creatures hide in the shadows, peering out and awaiting their chance to strike.
They can shrink themselves to fit in the gaps and spaces, spying on the happy fairies as they laugh and play.

Their normal habitat is deep in the mountains; emerging from the caves and the holes.
They are after the fairies’ magical dust, which has many powers but mainly brings cheer to the world.
The trolls want to take away our joy and laughter.
They want to make us as grumpy as they are.


Our site manager Mark recently had a very scary experience at the Castle.
He tried heroically to keep the trolls back but had to run away.
They are now an ugly presence at Gwrych and we need your help to send them away.

“I was walking in the courtyard like it was any other day,” Mark said. “Then I heard a strange noise, like someone scratching around. A bright ball of light flew past my head, trailing sparkling dust. It was wailing horribly. Then there was movement in the shadows near the beer cellar and I heard deep growling. I saw glowing eyes staring straight at me. Something gruesome grew in height before my eyes and rushed straight at me. I yelled, as I stumbled backwards, falling over my own feet. It grew nearer and nearer, glaring its glowing yellow eyes at me….”

“It was then that my colleagues appeared, having heard my scream. They crowded around me asking what was wrong, why was I on the ground? I looked around and realised that the menacing creature was gone. It had vanished. I thought perhaps that was it – the end of the matter. My colleagues and I laughed about it….but it was not the end.”

“The next day when we opened up, getting the site ready for the public to come and visit, we realised how wrong we were. There were fairies everywhere that day, and the ugly trolls were hiding in all corners of the castle. Worse by far was our newly renovated Coach House. The trolls had moved in. I tried my best to get them out, but it was to no avail. I turned and fled, and they have been in there since.”

If fairies are seen by humans they freeze, or flee, but we never seen them in action.
They leave behind lots of evidence of their presence, as do the trolls – the ugly things freeze or skulk about in the shadows.

Growing large or hiding small, creeping around trying to sneak up on the fairies and steal their magical fairy dust.

We need your help to save the joy and happiness in the world.
You must seek out the magical fairy dust that the trolls have stolen and deliver it back to the fairies in their Fairy Dust Treasure House.
If you see the skulking trolls, don’t worry! They fear certain loud noises and loathe laughter.

Follow the map and beware the trolls!

FAQ's for the Gwrych Faerie Trail

Saturday 15th – Sunday 23rd February 2020, 11am to 4pm.

Regular admission prices apply, plus an additional £1 for trail participation. 

Regular Admissions;
Adult – £5
Child – £2.50
Under 3 – Free


There will be a volunteer at the Visitor Centre (Green hut), please pay your admission fee here.

Parking will be on our all-weather car park. However, there will be limited availability for blue badge holders on the Main Terrace.
There are plenty of free parking areas around Abergele, but please be respectful.

Less able visitors can park on the Main Terrace. However, there will be limited space and priority will be given to blue badge holders. There are plenty of free parking spaces around the town of Abergele, but please be respectful.

While we welcome all visitors, disabled visitors need to bear in mind that the Gwrych Castle Estate is a large property with great distances between various parts of the site.  There is no public access at all to the main building due to its ruinous state.  The terrain is often uneven, with many steep footpaths. Many of our pathways are unsuitable for wheelchair users and slopes can be tiring for a person assisting. Some self-drive three-wheeled vehicles, other pavement vehicles and powered wheelchairs may have difficulty on Gwrych Castle’s terrain. Sensible footwear is recommended at all times.

Buggies should be fine but may need to be carried for the few stairs around site.


Well behaved Dogs on leads are always allowed at the castle, but be mindful this will be a busy event.

Please wear sensible non-slip footwear & warm clothing. Wellington Boots are acceptable.

Yes we have porter-loos on the courtyard, both of which are disability accessible. We have another porter-loo nearby the grotto and another on the exit out of the car park. However, these ones are not accessible to all.

Please take care of yourselves and your children when walking up the drive. Cars will still need to use the drive to access the castle, and cars/vans will be coming and going through the event. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Torches or a form of light would be good if you are visiting later in the day. We close site at 5pm so the walk to the car might be a little dark.

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