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Weddings at Gwrych Castle

Weddings at Gwrych Castle are very special. You and your guests are first greeted on the day with the striking view of the main front, the eighteen battlemented towers will create a memory to last a lifetime. Gwrych has been home and host to generations of Welsh gentry but on your wedding day you become the most important to grace the castle. At this point in time we are only able to host receptions and will in the near future be able to have licensed civil ceremonies.

We are able to suggest packages for your consideration or build a bespoke quote tailored to meet your requirements. Please contact us directly for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Queries

Is your venue available on our preferred date?
Please contact us to enquire about specific dates. We hold regular events so it’s best to check ahead.

Is your venue easy to find?
We have detailed instructions on our website under the Visit tab.

Is your venue licensed to carry out civil weddings?
At present we can only host receptions and non-legally binding ceremonies, but hopefully this will change in the future.

Is there a maximum number of guests permitted?
500 is the limit for the whole site, including our site staff.

How many car parking spaces are available?
100 spaces comfortably on our all-weather car park. An additional 50-75 potential spaces on the Main Terrace, which could be utilised depending on which areas of site you’ve hired.

Do you allow confetti to be thrown at the venue?
Only if it’s 100% biodegradable.

Do you allow candles to be lit in the reception room?
No open flames are allowed on site due to the condition of the property.

Do you have a noise limit or can we turn the music all the way up?
No limit on volume other than restrictions imposed by law.

Do you allow professional firework displays at your venue?
Yes, however this would need to be included in your license application.

What time do you insist the reception finishes by?
Evening hire is from 6pm-1am (although there is some flexibility). You will have the day either side for setup and pack down, but the day/evening hire cannot be extended into this time unless previously arranged.

Hosting Availability

Do you offer the option of a marquee?
We do not supply Marquees/Gazebos ourselves, but we do have a preferred supplier that can be recommended.

Are there separate rooms provided for the wedding, reception, meal, evening reception, etc?
We have five indoor spaces included in a full site hire package, or you can make use of our Marquee suppliers. Pricing structure is further down for specific area hire.

When can we have access to begin setting up the room in terms of decorating it with balloons, flowers, banners, etc? (Morning of wedding, day before?)
You will have the full day either side of your booking for setup and packing down. The site will be open during this time, so you please make reasonable accommodations for our other visitors.

Is there a quieter area for older guests to get away from the noise of a band/DJ?
This will depend on your hire, but could certainly be arranged.

Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until we are able to collect them, and are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?
We can provide space but cannot take any responsibility for damage of, or loss to any property. Security is included in all packages, but this is to maintain restricted access to site and protecting the castle itself, not watching personal possessions.


Do you insist on doing all the catering?
We have preferred vendors who are familiar with the site. You would need to use this list to ensure that we have preapproved individuals for insurance and security reasons (this is for photographers, security, DJ, etc if you wished to hire these for your reception).

Do you have a preferred order of service (when and where do we cut the cake)?
We believe in making your day as special and unique as possible, so we don’t insist on a specific itinerary.

What time do you offer an alcohol license until?
Our alcoholic beverages are provided by licensed local preferred vendors, who can serve for the whole hire period if required.

Do you insist on supplying the wine and champagne?

If we are able to supply the wine, what do you charge for corkage?
£5 per bottle, per day.

Can you recommend a company to supply our wedding cake
Yes, we can!

Can we use our own vendors?
We would encourage you to use our own preferred vendors. However, this is negotiable and subject to necessary security checks.


What are the various options and costs for the use of your venue?

Prices will be tailored to your enquiry.

The exclusive hire includes a full day and evening of exclusive use of the castle and staff to secure the site. At present we are only able to host receptions and non-legally binding ceremonies but hopefully this will change in future.

For evening site hire, the areas of site available are as follows:
1) Outside the main site (bottom fields)
2) Garden & East Lawn (room for marquees, bar etc)
3) Main Terrace (room for marquees, bar etc)
4) Chapel & Outdoor Theatre (indoor space & outdoor marquee area)
5) Coach House & Courtyard (disabled-access indoor space & outdoor marquee area)

Wedding hire depends upon several details, such as location and hours. If the castle is already closed to the public (evening hire), the exclusive hire doesn’t apply so it will be cheaper as we won’t need to either close the castle to the public, or manage public access. We only offer hire of the Castle grounds and do not include any extras such as Marquee, Band, Catering etc; though a preferred vendor list can be provided.